125 Ideas Choosing Temp Tattoo of Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue… Here’s a quick guide, for choosing your tattoo!

Although most people associate flowers with women, the rose tattoo is one that’s transcended the gender barriers and can be found almost equally on men and women. For most people, roses signify love, passion and emotion – so this design can be used in a number of different contexts.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a rose tattoo design is whether you want the flower to be the main theme of your design, or simply an accent image in a much larger design. While the rose is beautiful on its own, you can also incorporate it into another image to change the feel of the design. For example, adding a small rose image to a skull image can soften the design and even make a comment on the duality of life and death.

You’ll also want to consider what color your rose tattoo will be. Of course, if the rose is standing on its own in your tattoo design, this is much more important than if it will be part of a larger, more colorful image. If you’re choosing to feature the rose, you’ll want to choose a color that’s compatible with your skin tone, and that creates the type of feeling you’re going for. Many people automatically assume that rose tattoos should be red, but using yellows, oranges and even purples can be just as pleasing in design – and may even look better and last longer.

To get a better feel for some of the rose tattoo designs that are available, look around the internet to see how other people have used this image. There’s actually a huge range of styles, from a single rose flower, to several roses bunched together, to rose images that incorporate the leaves and stems of the flower. It’s important to think carefully about which style suits you best before you head to the tattoo parlor.

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