20 Ideas Beauty Makeup-Natural Eye Shadows

Everyone might know the saying about the eye that is the window to one’s soul. And what better way to direct one’s best eyes ahead than the right eye shadow application. Learning how to apply eye shadow the right way is the first step to showing off one’s natural beauty.

To begin with, full eye makeup must be completed with well-formed eyebrows. Make sure your eyebrows are styled and trimmed to remove uneven hair, which can change the overall facial appearance. After the eyebrows are attached, examine the actual shape of your eyes. A useful eyeshadow application should increase positive points and minimize blemishes. Eye painting becomes the desired dramatic effect sometimes only needed for a complete makeup.

The eye shadow in your eyes should not be too apparent. The good can be judged by having beautiful eyes without seeing the makeup on it. That’s because eye shadows should be used to create the illusion of depth and nuance that will bring out the beautiful corners of your eyes without looking like paintings. Brightly colored eye shadows are preferred during the day, and smoky eyes are best for parties with at night.

From your eyelash line to your eyebrows, cover the entire eyelid with light eye shadow as a base. Dark rose or light blue over the cream, pink can be neutral safely, and you can adjust to suit the clothes. But again, matching these eyes with clothing does not have to be excessive. Wise color harmony is essential, and the right makeup does not even have to accentuate the color but its features. Don’t forget to mingle. Use your fingertips or brush to carefully spread one eye shadow to another, making it almost a natural part of the skin. Do not neglect the temple part of the head or the area where the eye shadow ends. This part must also be mixed well, with colors that spread to the bottom of the skin.

Draw lines all over the upper lash line using pencil eyeliner or liquid ones. The thickness of the line depends on the shape of your eyes, and thicker eyes make small and slippery eyes look more rounded, and thin eyes are recommended for those who have bigger eyes. Finish with the mascara to increase the volume and length of your eyelashes.

Invite everyone to the beauty of your individuality and their rhythm with your gaze. You will be amazing at how your confidence and personality improve just by learning how to apply eye shadow correctly.

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