50+ Best Flying Phoenix Tattoos Sketch & Design With Meanings

A flying bird tattoo is very popular tattoo design no matter which bird you want to get inked with. The flying bird is a symbol of freedom which everyone desires in their life. It is very important to understand the meaning of this tattoo before getting it inked on the body as it is not the normal flying bird but a flying phoenix which is in this tattoo design. This tattoo symbolizes victory over death or immortality and the reason is simple that the bird Phoenix is a bird that rises from its ashes and this is what makes it immortal. Flying Phoenix tattoo is mostly carried by girls. This tattoo can be chosen in the colorful type i.e. red and yellow which is the actual look of a phoenix or the simple black colored ink. This tattoo can be inked on the back, shoulders and the arms but one body part where it is heavily carried especially by girls are the legs and more specifically the lower legs near the ankle where it gains more attraction and looks more unique while men carry it mostly on shoulder & back.


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