50 Cool Finger Tattoos to Inspire You

Hand tattoos for girls have very significant historical significance. While Western culture does not see it in the same capacity, many Eastern cultures strongly support hand tattoos as a way to show their social status, intelligence, or even their work.

In the Arab world, this type of tattoo is part of a ritual that is widely practiced. The small symbolic meaning associated with hand tattoos is generally seen throughout North Africa. It is Egyptian Christians who will support the cross tattoo on their wrists or their hands. Despite its popularity, it’s not uncommon for tourists or visitors to ask for the same tattoo, especially since they often find quotes for religious designs, an offense to practicing Muslims.

While these types of tattoos are trendy in the Arab world, they are not as popular as in the Western world where girls will work regularly or where their hands are barely covered. This must be considered before making a hand tattoo. After the decision is made, it’s good to know that there are four main parts of the hand that can be tattooed. These areas include fingers, wrists, forearms, and upper arms.

Finger tattoos are tiny and are, therefore, almost invisible. Wedding rings or wedding rings are trendy.. Another option is to write the name around or along the finger. Design is the most popular in terms of finger tattoos for girls. Wrist tattoos generally include bracelets or vines around the wrist in a circle. Second most popular ideas a butterfly or a star at the tip of the wrist, symbolizing many different things for different people. Arm tattoo designs are generally locations for larger tattoos such as crosses or Celtic knots. Finally, the design of the upper arm is often the location of a symbol of strength or strength like a dragon or zodiac symbol.


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