50+ Gorgeous Crochet Crop Top Ideas

Crocheting today has become somewhat of a revival with more interesting patterns and an array of colours along with new fibres. All of these introductions has contributed to the resurrection of this creative art.

Early History

Crochet in Arabia, South America or China are thought to be the origins of this early craft although little is known there seems to be no decisive evidence of the craft being performed before it was popularised during the 1800’s in Europe.
There is a long standing belief that Nun’s used this method along with needlepoint and bobbin lace and it seems likely that the earliest Crochet was made using fingers rather than hooks as used today.

Strong support for the origins of crochet introduced to Europe have given reason that the craft had spread from Arabia and then westward to Spain finally following the Arab trade routes to the other Mediterranean countries.
China provides an alternative with dolls made of crochet and methods used within their needlecraft had filtered into a form of embroidery known in Turkey and India as tambouring.

However there is no solid evidence as to how old Crochet is or where it originated.


Eleanor Riego de la Branchardiere and her ability for needle and bobbin lace designs published numerous patterns for distribution around 1842. She published numerous patterns and it is also claimed to have invented lace-like crochet, which today is better known as Irish Crochet.
Eleanor along with Frances Lambert published more instructions and they became more widely available during the early 1800’s.


When livelihoods had been disrupted by wars and changes in farming along with crop failures in addition to the change in land use around the world women and sometimes children in these communities would stay at home and create blankets and clothes from Crochet and sell their garments and articles to an up and coming middle class.
Therefore the patterns in and around this period varied considerably in design and complexity.

The popularity of Crochet increased vastly along with other forms of elaborate needlework. The arrival of mass produced printed material patterns and designs in the nineteenth century led to a more available source for the creation of lavish designs and garments. Prior to this date Crochet was passed to future generations from small crocheted samples.

Here are 50+ Gorgeous Crochet Crop Top Ideas, enjoy it.

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