50 Ideas Humming Bird Tattoos Must You Try

With its vast array of diversity, the humming bird is a very suitable choice for a tattoo. There exists more than three hundred different species of hummingbirds in the world today and one can choose from many for a tattoo. The pictures on the internet and books depicting the various flight patterns, and speciation of the bird including its diverse colouration can turn into beautiful tattoos if one chooses to perceive it.

They are usually complemented by a flower, another a symbol or one’s own name itself. By adding flowers the two can complement each other in a very pleasant manner. The most popular tattoo of these two is actually of the bird suckling from the flower while still in flight.

For colour tattoos, the bird and the flower must complement each other in manner that is graceful and beautiful to look at. Roses, poppies or orchids can be good choices to consider for these tattoos. Realistic tattoos bring out your own perception and nature. One can study various pictures of the bird to decide on which suit him or her the best. A tattoo artist who specializes in realistic details can be employed to represent your choice of the bird in the light that you want to see it in.

The tattoo should contain attention to detail, depth and shading. It is also possible to take ones own pictures of the bird and use the best ones as a tattoo. Stylized hummingbirds are different and one can choose to stylize his or her hummingbird taking inspiration from the multitude of varieties present in the world.

Love can be represented by two hummingbirds drinking from the same flower or touching their beaks in unison.

They offer a design with astrological signs emerging from flowers. A design in matching colors drinks the nectar from the center of the flower. Include two hummingbirds each drinking from the same heart-shaped flower or touching their long beaks together to symbolize love.

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