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50 Ideas Natural Make Up for Brides

Wedding makeup does not need to dramatically change the appearance of the Bride or be applied too thickly. It should only enhance a woman’s natural beauty and still look like the person they have used.

A bride must look like herself and feel comfortable in the clothes she is wearing and not cause breathless breath from the congregation or groom when a girl who seems very different appears through the door and down the hall!

Sometimes the simpler the wedding, the better! Wear the perfect foundation as a base. You must see the accurate picture of your wedding photo. This will give you a good foundation and even color. Even mineral powder makeup is perfect because it will last all day!

The Bride must have natural light! Have you ever heard the saying ‘Bride Blush’ !? Make sure you have a beautiful blusher on the apples on your cheeks. You don’t want to look pale. Pink or apricot colored blush matches most skin tones.

Eyes must look beautiful too. Use false eyelashes a part of your wedding makeup. This will increase your eyelashes so that it makes it look delicious and long! They are easy to apply, whether you make up artists or them!

Give your lips a touch of sparkle or bright color for a beautiful sneer! Natural lips that can be kissed will create fantastic beauty for your wedding makeup!

Finally, wedding makeup must last all day! Here’s another tip – Apply a mild translucent powder over the area of ​​the face that tends to shine. Worth the weight in gold

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