50 Ideas Small Rose Tatto for Women

There is a beautiful legend in Greek Mythology that tells us Aphrodite, the goddess of love, gave Rose her name. Chloris, the flower goddess, created it when she found the lifeless body of a nymph in the forest. Chloris summoned other gods to help him correct this nymph error. Aphrodite gives her beauty, Dionysus, the god of wine, adds nectar to give her sweet perfume, all three graces give her charm, brightness, and excitement. Chloris then called Zephyr, the West Wind, to blow clouds so that Apollo, the sun god, could shine and make flowers bloom.

Roses go back to ancient times; in fact, rose fossils are several million years old. It has always been considered, in Western civilization, to be the closest thing to perfect beauty.

Images of roses have been used at royal standards, symbols, castle, and palace decoration. It has been used in many paintings, embroidery, etching, engraving, and photographs. Its simple and elegant beauty has lasted a long time, as well as messages of beauty and love. It always stands as an expression of love. No wonder then, that many women have chosen it as their favorite tattoo. This can be used only as a beautiful decoration or as a memento of a loved one or an event in someone’s life. It serves all purposes very well.

Rose tattoos have been a favorite from the beginning and are still the most popular flower tattoos. Each person can decide the message he wants to send and the color, size, and placement of the tattoo. Is it done for decoration or love pictures of roses is something of eternal beauty.

The shoulders, lower legs, ankles, and feet are popular places for tattoos on women, as are rose tattoos. Female celebrities are attracted to roses, from one large rose above the shoulder to a rose at the ankle. One person has a rose stem on his ankle while another has a heart and a rose in his lower leg, is an expression of love. Some people like to be different – a supermodel has a rose tattoo and a skull on her upper arm. Others want to be brave, with a rose tattoo on the breast.

There are no doubt tattoos will remain a favorite because, like the roses themselves, they illustrate eternal beauty and elegance and give us all the fun.

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