50+ Ideas to Create Look Cute with Lazy Hairstyle

The headband is one simple hair accessory that offers women an easy, foolproof way to create a look that’s both fresh and pretty; simply toss one on and you can look instantly pulled together without coming off as fussy or overly formal. Throwing on a headband is such an easy way to deal with a bad (and/or lazy) hair day, and a great alternative to your average ponytail. And if you throw on a sparkly headband, then suddenly you look a little dressed up. It’s easier and, arguable, sexier than the standard updo. Try wearing a headband at night, coupled with a sexy smoky eye, or you can throw on a thin sparkly band during the day with your favorite tee or tank. Who doesn’t love a little shot of glamour juxtaposed with a casual outfit?

Headbands are also incredibly affordable; considering their low cost, you can pick up two or even three in order to give yourself some choices when attempting this look. Wear them one at a time, or pair them up for some extra fun. How do you make the headband really look fresh? The trick is to make sure you have plenty of messy volume in the hair behind the band. Follow these three simple steps to create this sexy style:

Flip your head over, in order to create volume and allow access to the roots of your hair.
Tease away – apply some volumizing cream or spray to the roots for extra hold and body.
Finally, pull your hair back; if your hair is short, just twist and pin your locks, and if your hair is long, pin into a messy bun. Slide on your headband to smooth the front down, and voila! You’re ready to go. What could be easier?


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