50 Ideas to Look Gorgeous in a V-neck Dress

In the case of a beautiful v-neck gown, the good thing is, you can pick and choose the length of the neckline. Do you want to show off a little skin, enough to tease? Or do you want cleavage on display? Depending on how far you want “v” to plunge, you will want to access it accordingly. The lariat necklace dips in accordance with ultra low-cut, while a thick choker that sits above the collarbone looks great with a shorter v-neckline.

Because you show off more skin, we like how the v-neck gown can extend your neck. Also, if you have a square jaw, the v-neckline will provide a sharper optical optical illusion of the face. No matter whether you like the look of a mini dress or maxi floor, a v-neck dress is chic enough to be able to carry you from day to night.

Looking for inspiration on how to wear a v-neck dress? Go to the gallery to see our favorite performances this season.

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