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50 Ideas Wedding Ring Tattoos Design

Many things to think about when you’re planning to get married. First, there is a place where you want to get married. And then, there are food and drinks to be served at the reception, the people you will invite, your wedding dress, the time and day of your wedding, and of course, your wedding ring, because they are a necessity in a wedding. You cannot have guests and no reception, choose any day and hour, but you can never have a wedding without a ring for you and the groom. There are many of them available in jewellery stores and internet sites, all for your perusal and for you to match your taste, lifestyle and of course, your budget.

From simple hand rings to designer rings, you can choose everything. But did you ever imagine having a wedding ring tattoo? Most of the time, people, especially brides, discard this idea because they don’t want to be stereotyped as “rocker girls” and their marriage is categorized as “Pamela and Tommy’s marriage”. It shouldn’t be because the wedding ring tattoo symbolizes not only the personality of you and your partner but also your commitment.

Here are three reasons why:

You had the freedom to choose what style of the ring; in this case, you can allow a tattoo artist to create a design for you. If you have ever done it, make sure that you describe it to him, or in detail what you want. This is to help him produce the perfect design for you and you. In cases where you already have the design in mind, make sure it is made clear, enough for tattoo artists to see every detail. Remember that tattoo artist are not mind readers, if you want something done the way you want, make sure you do your part well. It might also benefit you if you browse the wedding ring tattoo catalogue first before you make it make you have a more beautiful and meaningful design.
This symbolizes your love for each other, of course, all wedding rings symbolize this, but with a wedding ring tattoo, it’s far more. Because it can never be removed, or pawned, it shows your willingness to wear the ring and be with your partner forever. The fact that having a tattoo done involves pain it shows how willing you are to survive only to prove your love for one another. If you and your partner decide to split up and want the tattoo removed or changed, you both must undergo another procedure to remove or replace it. A way to show how much pain you and your partner experience because of separation.
This is evidence of a thief, what thief would bother to steal a tattooed ring? It is precious to him, but for you and your partner, it means almost the world.

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