50 Uniqueness of Behind The Ear Tattoos Ideas

Many women have pressed their bodies lately. In addition to finding extraordinary and creative artwork, more women now choose unique body spots for ink, and behind the ears tattoos are becoming popular. Unlike face tattoos, you can easily cover the ear coat with long hair when you don’t want to show it. If there are concerns about exposing your tattoo at work or school, this will be the right body place to consider.

Tattoos in this area are usually small, but the design can be beautiful. There are almost unlimited choices that you can use for small spaces. You can have a feminine and cute design or a tight and gothic style of art. Some of the popular behind ear tattoos for women are astrological symbols, stars, birds, hearts, flowers, cartoons, and butterflies. You might also consider permanently putting someone’s name behind your ear to signify a close relationship.

Everyone has a different pain threshold. Some people argue that tattoos with ear tattoos can be tolerated and almost do not bleed, while others feel pain because this area has a small layer of fat between the skull bones and skin. You may feel uncomfortable when the needle hits the bone. However, this is a concise process because the tattoo behind the ear occupies only a tiny space.


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