53 Ideas Casual Style Using Sneakers

Most people have heard the popular quote ” Clothes Make The Man” and to counter that quote here is another one “Shoes Make The Woman”. Women have very busy days that involve many activities and occasions and there are shoes for just those occasions. This range of shoe starts from the classic tennis shoe to the pointed toe sling back.

Sneakers and Hook Loop closures give intensity and longevity

Classic sneakers for women have been around since the invention of rubber and have evolved greatly since then. Sneakers consist of a rubber sole with shoe strings that lace up the front to tie. These shoes serve best in an environment created for exercise or physical fitness. Hook and Loop closure shoes have rubber soles but have a piece of fabric come across the front of the shoe, loop through a hole and come back across and hook the shoe closed by Velcro. These shoes are suited in a more casual setting of walking or daily activities.

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