53 Ideas Heart Tattoos – The Meanings Behind The Tattoo Of Love

The heart is an enduring symbol of love that has lasted the test of time, and heart tattoos provide a special way to display that love. It has been used by many cultures throughout history, and its popularity as a tattoo design is growing year by year.

Heart Tattoos Design

The first noted group to use the symbol as a tattoo were sailors. They used the heart tat as a show of love, and to provide a connection to, their loved ones back on shore. These days the basic design has evolved significantly and now includes banners, other designs such as flowers or angels and other symbols. With a splash of color, the designs can look absolutely stunning. The beauty of the heart tattoo is that they can be used by men and women alike, and the style of the design itself can vary widely from tribal to celtic to cartoon just to name a few.

Heart tattoos look good both as a large design with other symbols, or as a small tat. The small design is popular because it can be located on many parts of the body, and depending on whether the wearer wants the tattoo to be visible it is easy for the design to be covered up. They are popular on the shoulder, bicep and arm for men, and ankles, hips, around the belly button and on the lower back for women.


The heart tattoo is very symbolic and it can have many meanings for the people who wear them. Here are some common meanings.

The red heart symbolizes love. It is common for people to have a banner stretch across the heart with a loved ones name in the banner. What a great way to show eternal love.

Another popular theme is to combine the red heart with roses or flowers to portray love and a loving environment. For example, the rose is itself a symbol of love and passion, so the two go together well, and make a strong statement.

When heart tattoos are combined with knives, daggers or swords, this normally represents lost love, or betrayal. For example, the dagger must be used by someone close to you to be effective. Therefore, a dagger through a heart means someone you let get close has hurt you. Very symbolic.

Wings on a heart portrays a free spirit, or someone who is happy in love and is care free. New variations include hearts with other symbols such as animals or objects, to show a connection with, or love for the symbol portrayed. Other great designs that I have seen are hearts with skulls, with flames, a patriotic design with a flag of country in the design, and a heart made up of flowers. There are so many more combinations that you could use.


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