54 Ideas to Choice Valentine Gift

14th of February is celebrated as the Valentine’s day every year in commemoration of St. Valentine. St. Valentine was a Roman priest who carried out clandestine weddings of people who were prohibited from getting married.

The history is interesting. Legend has it that the then king of Rome, Emperor Claudius II, thought that soldiers fought better when they had nothing else to concentrate on but the wars at hand. Hence, to expand the boundaries of his territory, he banned the soldiers from getting married. In spite of this, a priest of a local church, named Valentine, helped people get married for he believed in the miraculous powers of love. Of course, this offense was not tolerated by the Emperor and Valentine was jailed. It is also said that during this time, he healed the daughter of the jailer who had been blind for a while, and had also written a card expressing his emotions to her before he was executed. That is considered to be the first so-called Valentine card ever.

Now, Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world and everyone has their own interpretations and reasons for celebrating the same. But basically, it is celebrated to express the affections that we have for the special people in our lives. Youngsters get an excuse to have a little more fun than the usual lot. The idea is to express; express our intimate feelings and that is done through several ways. The best is to express genuinely; choosing whichever Valentine gift suits best. There are several options to choose from and the online market is flooded with the best of offers. Lets have look at a few.


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