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57 Ideas Pretty Hair Scrunchies – Make Them Even Prettier

Change the look of any hair accessory by simply adding some pretty silk flowers. These make such a cute addition to any outfit.

This technique is a great cost effective idea for a hair piece for any special event. You can turn a simply head band or hair scrunchy into a beautiful head piece. These would be ideal for the bride to be and her brides maid, for the prom, or to coordinate with any outfit. Little girls look so sweet with pretty flowers in their hair.

Any hair band, pony tail band or barrette can be used. Both hair accessories and silk flowers can be purchased at your local $1 store or local discount store for a minimal price. You may also want to purchase a bag of jewel embellishments or pretty beads, also found in the same stores.

When choosing your hair pieces and silk flowers, it’s best to make sure they coordinate with each other. I find smaller flowers work best for head bands.

This project can be assembled by simple hand stitching or using a hot glue gun. Start by taking the silk flowers apart. Lay out all the pieces you are going to use, discard any stem pieces. If you are using layered flowers, you way want to reassemble them and glue or stitch them together, prior to attaching them to your hair piece.

To attach the flowers to the hair piece, you simply glue or hand stitch it into place. Make sure you stretch the band a little as you go, so it will still have elasticity. For a nice added embellishment, you can add jewels or pretty beads to the centers of the flowers. To adhere flowers to barrette’s, you simple glue them on, adding any other embellishments you like. These are so easy and fun to make. There are so many possibilities. You can make these using one color and type of flower or mix it up with different flowers and colors. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination.

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