61 Ideas Fashionable Ways to Wear a Winter Scarf

A winter scarf is a long scarf worn over by the people in cold countries and regions. This long scarf is designed to provide enough warmth to the wearer. Therefore, if you are wearing it during summer and indoors, it would be better to just leave it alone, or you will suffer the most uncomfortable moment of your life.

Nevertheless, there are no rules set to define the right way of wearing a winter scarf. The very basic way to wear it is to put it in front of the neck, tie it around and let it drape. With as simple as that, you can be assured that you will be kept warm all throughout the day.

However, when you want to create a little bit of spice in your scarf, you can tie it in any way you like, provided that it would suit the occasion. Depending on your mood, you can come up with a unique way of wearing it. You can simply drape it around your neck for a laid-back look but make sure it hugs your neck to give you warmth. Also, you can tie it in a knot with only one end of the scarf showing. Another thing; you can tie it without showing any end, while giving the illusion of a turtle neck. The latter is better when the scarf is plain and matches the underneath clothing and the coat as well. Likewise, the scarf can be tied in a knot while showing both ends. This look gives the impression of the wearer being playful and carefree.

For more stylish wear, you can use two winter scarves but make sure they match each other. Two plain colored winter scarves is a lot better than two printed and patterned scarves. Simply drape it around your neck and create an overlapping look courtesy of the two colors of the scarves.

Remember, a winter scarf is a versatile kind of clothing which can only be worn during winter and cold seasons. You can wear it in any style you prefer to make your winter outfit more stylish. Just make sure it matches the occasion as well.


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