63 Ideas Perfect Prom Season Smokey Eyes

Prom season is just beginning, and now that you’ve found your perfect, princess dress, it’s time to accessorize accordingly to finish off the look. That means you’re faced with the task of finding the right shoes, handbag, hairstyle, jewelry and makeup! Each one of these smaller details will compliment your dress, and really tie your overall look together, but you must focus on one task at a time, so as not to hastily rush through the preparations for your special, hard-earned prom night!

So let’s begin with makeup tips. A dressy evening event like a prom is a perfect opportunity to wear dramatic, dark, smokey eye makeup. However, you might be wondering how to get that perfect smokey eye effect? Here are some tips on how to blend eyeshadow and liner into a beautiful, cohesive coating that will bring you one step closer to pulling off your perfect prom ensemble.

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