64 Ideas Casual Outfit but Look Stylish Over 50

The 50 are the new 40. Or at least, this is what many women have thought at least once in front of the wardrobe. Getting dressed at 50 without feeling the burden of conventions, labels and especially the years – as often happens in the twenties and thirties – can prove to be a real cure for style. That he becomes more inclined to follow his mature personality rather than the other young tendencies. “Nature gives you the face you are at twenty years old; it’s your job to deserve what you’ll be at fifty, “.

Between Sciuraglam to conquer Instagram and over 40 who invade the catwalks, we are witnessing the decline of registry fashion. But are we sure that it is enough to completely erase the cliché that there is a look for every age? To find the answer, just look at who lives it every day. And he is just 50 years old, or so: the editors of the most famous magazines, the most followed fashion editors, the ex models who made history. Up to the entrepreneurs of the sector, the designers and the protagonists of the street style immortalized on the streets during the fashion week. By reviewing their outfits, the experience accumulated between a front row, a photo shoot and an editorial is clearly visible.

Here are some practical tips for getting stolen from their 50s, which demonstrate how class has no age. It never goes out of style.

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