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Get into the groove with 60s inspired costumes to make your fancy dress party as psychedelic as possible. The 60s was one of the greatest decades for fashion, music and film and if you are hosting a party, but not sure on the theme why not try the swinging 60s? Here you will find some fantastic costume ideas for your 60s theme, you will be brimming with excitement when you send out your invitations.

Looking for some quick ideas? Why not try some of these?

The greatest secret agent – Austin Powers

What’s happening baby? The 60s was the time of Austin Powers; the funny man, the sex god and the fashion icon. Austin Powers is a popular costume choice and there are also some great ideas if your a couple; why not dress as Felicity Shagwell?

Comic book heroes come to life – Batman and Robin

The 60s was also the decade for none other than Batman and Robin, who became one of our TV favourites. You can dress as Batman and Robin or why not try Batgirl or a ladies Robin costume? when you dress up as any of these characters you will be fighting crime across Gotham City. Just remember to put the 60s touch of Kapow! and Whamm!! in every move.

However, if the mod look or the flower power costumes aren’t really doing it for you why not try a Cleopatra outfit? Elizabeth Taylor as the Queen of Egypt oozed sex appeal and sophistication and with a great period style costume or a white sheet wrapped around you, it couldn’t be easier.


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