Make Your Winter Wardrobe Work For You – 66 Ideas

When women think of office and corporate clothes, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only wearing a suit and shirt. That combination certainly fits the bill and won’t offend the company’s dress policy. But does it help you to be noticed?

With a little thought and preparation, it is possible to make a functional wardrobe but also turn heads … for all the right reasons.

When the weather is cold, this is the ideal time to rediscover your corporate appearance. This season is all about layering and contrasting textures, utilizing neutral colors like charcoal with winter splashes. Think purple, burgundy, red, and magenta.

Create a distinct look by starting with an underlying suit like a pair of classic black pants. Add to it the top of the silk and the top layer of the long, knotted long to knit. Need your clothes to carry you from day to night? This often happens to busy executives who need to rush from meeting room meetings to the cocktail networking function – all in one day.


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