What to Wear to Work – 40 Ideas Casual Work Outfit

Here are some tips and tricks to help you gather clothes that will make your work and not your poor clothing choices stand out in the office.


1 Take Directions from the Female Role Model


If you are not sure what you should wear, get instructions from another woman in your office. The best-performing identification that everyone respects. Are these women weared shorts and tube tops to the office? Most likely not. Don’t go out and copy your role models correctly… but pay attention to the message conveyed and the clothes in the guidelines use your won taste in fashion.


2 Staples Wardrobe


Modern women’s wardrobe is likely to include quality material blouses, sweaters, skirts, dresses, trousers, and suits. There is a large room for interpretation here, but you must choose structured, quality pieces that are suitable and can be mixed and adjusted for flexibility in your clothing.


3 Suitable


Yes, I’m a big fan of Stacey and Clinton at TLC’s What Not To Wear. My friends and I often joke about changing one another just for a free shopping trip! One thing we all learned from the show is that compatibility is KEY!


We’ve all been there, ladies – you get a few pounds … or ten, and you’re still trying to adjust to your old work clothes. Everything is always right – but it doesn’t look like it used to. Maybe the roll can be seen through your favorite blouse, or there are muffin tops or belly bumps on trousers or skirts that were previously extraordinary.


I feel your pain – you don’t want to buy new things because you will only continue to grow to a bigger size. Just do it. Confidence is the key to weight loss and business. How will you succeed if you live your life by pulling and pulling everything or wearing some of the remaining frumpy clothes that fit in the back of your closet?


4 Save “Girls” to Yourself


There is “That Girl” in every office. You know people who wear low-cut blouses and skirts are too short every day, and your male coworkers gawk. Don’t be that girl! You can look feminine and extraordinary while maintaining your own “Assets.” Thumb rule – You should not see more than a little cleavage if at all before 5 pm, and more than two inches above the knee is too much for work.

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